An awakening.

An inkling of an observation has been nagging at me since March, when I first started my part-time job. I’ve been casting it aside, but today I had a sudden revelation that shed pure light upon the observation.

You see, my colleagues and I bond through catty discussions about the customers and our supervisor. Yes, that sounds incredibly superficial, but that often happens during part-time jobs – superficial relationships. Anyways, the point is that today I was listening and, I’m ashamed to admit, contributing to our usual bitching about our supervisor when this fact hit me: We had not respect for her.

Don’t get me wrong, I obey her commands and abide by her rules (Long pants, covered shoes, don’t cross or fold my arms) but I have little respect for her. And that led me to realise the same occurs throughout most workplaces, even for the full-time working adults. How often have you heard of, or maybe even experienced a dislike of an authoritative figure in your workplace, only to bond with the other colleagues through that mutual dislike? Honestly, most television series revolving around the workplace (for example, The Office) portray the workers bitching about the boss but sucking up in front of him or her. It’s become the norm in our society to make first contact with co-workers through the means of mutual boss-thrashing.

That’s not the point. Ultimately, all these disjointed links finally formed a chain when I thought of God. It made me think, how many of us obey God’s Word on the surface, but deep inside we harbour anger, disrespect and even worse, disinterest? Are we truly God’s children if we treat Him like our boss, to be obeyed but not to be respected or loved?

God is often described as a Loving Father, a Caring King, yet we often only focus on the adjectives instead of remembering the nouns. He is our Father and King, and that implies a level of authority, which indicates a need for respect and fear. Yes, fear, something that is lacking in most of our walks with God. In Psalm 34:9, King David said, “Fear the Lord , you his holy people,
for those who fear him lack nothing.”

Why shouldn’t we fear and love Him simultaneously? He is not like our typical bosses. This is a God, our God, who both gives and takes away for our own good. We have every reason to fear what He can do and has done, but also to love Him because of the trust that it’s all in His hands, in His plans.

So today, as you go along your way, think about your relationship with God. Is He some sort of a boss, a distant, detached authoritative figure, or is He someone you respect out of fear and love?


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