What’s new.

This is going to be slightly different from my usual posts (that have been missing of late). This post shall be, as the title indicates, an update about what’s new about my life.

I’m currently staying in hall at NTU, having officially shifted in on the 31st of July. Two weeks too early, but it’s been a great experience so far. Now I’m not one who gets homesick easily, so this room quickly became my new home away from Home. Despite not being air-conditioned and being completely run-down and dilapidated, the place is comfortable and warm (literally, in the mid afternoons). For this, I must really thank God, as He was the one who blessed me with this hall, this room, and even my roommate!

Let me explain. I thought getting in to hall __ was going to be a piece of cake, considering how I had a church senior to pull me in. Though the knowledge that I could get a hall and one where I had connections was rather reassuring, it led to further anxieties: That hall was known for having a rather extreme night-life, and knowing me, I would be greatly tempted to participate. Beyond that, I wanted to pay for the hall fees myself, and although it’s one of the cheapest, it’s still a lot of moolah for a student without a steady part-time job. Lastly, I didn’t have a roommate nor did I know anyone who was keen on staying in hall. Besides, my only reason for wanting to stay in hall was for the experience, since I lived relatively close to NTU. To my parents and several friends, my desire was simply ridiculous. Without the full support of my loved ones at that time, as well these three factors weighing heavily down upon my mind and heart, the idea of living in hall got progressively more ludicrous even to me.

However, God proved Himself to be so gracious. He provided me with two tutoring jobs to pay off the hall fees; he got me a roommate, one whom I really love and can click with; He also got me a hall that, as of now, seems rather tame and friendly. Most importantly, He put my heart at ease with regards to the decision to stay in hall.

See, my biggest worry and distress was that I was going to neglect God and get obsessed with experimentation and night life. To me, uni is the start of my last years as a student, a.k.a a child, and it was of the utmost importance to me that I lived it for His glory. Hall life therefore threatened that decision, for the desires of the flesh have periodically been my biggest obstacle. However, during tHis Generation camp, my church’s uni camp, He showed me a vision. I was in my hall room, playing a guitar and singing worship songs with several people whom I knew to be my hall mates. That vision both assured and motivated me, for it was God’s way of telling me that no matter the decisions I make, He will be there, if I simply fix my eyes and heart upon Him and His Kingdom.

So here I am, stoning away in my hall, reveling in the knowledge that at this very moment, I am where He has placed me. In my course, in my hall, with my roommate. Not to mention with Smooshie, the hall cat. Well, there are two that look exactly the same, but I’m going to assume this was the one that Lixin and I coaxed into my room last week.


What a fat cat, aye? It did redeem itself this afternoon though, it meowed loudly and ran towards me when I set foot into my block! ❤ All is well between us, though it ignored my offer of Honey Glazed Chicken later on. Randomly though, all the people I’ve encountered in my hall so far are extremely nice and friendly, and I’ve been trying to introduce myself as Aziel (though I frequently forget, thus leaving them in confusion as to the name they ought to address me by). The reason behind introducing myself as Aziel is because I wanna live out Uni as The one whom God comforts, and as 2 Cor 1:3-4 says, to be the comfort to others because of the comfort He first gave me. So, like I said, uni life = fresh start and thus, new name and new identity, since being addressed as Aziel will remind me of who I am now in Christ.

Anywho, there’s so much I want to thank God for of late, and this is the most recent. Perhaps I’ll update again, especially once school has started. Until then, I promise to put in more effort and write more poems, stories and Revelation Articles as I like to call them.

Hope you had a lovely time reading this post, for I certainly had a lovely time writing and proof-reading it! Until next time!


Love, Aziel.



One thought on “What’s new.

  1. Jyrminn says:

    Welcome to the NTU family, Joey! ❤ x infinity


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