Ever thankful!

Wow, God is really amazing! In just two weeks, He has blessed me so much, despite how undeserving I’ve been.

Now as all you readers know, I got a role in my hall’s musical production. Yesterday was the first official cast training (at least, for me). It was two hours of fun and comfort. How wonderful it is to be back acting, to take up a character again! It’s really a feeling like no other.

Enough about this though, let me show you how else my Papa has been good to me. So Gabriel (whom I know reads my blog) was recommending to everyone (cough me cough) a part time/full time job offer at his company, for they’re recruiting copywriters, a new initiative apparently. I think they’re expanding their business? I’m not too sure. The point is that I was interested and contacted the Boss. After sending him all my past written and published works in the church bulletin, he sent an email asking to meet me face-to-face for a chat!

Now I’m not too sure what this could mean, but I am hopeful of a possibility in getting the part-time job! I sure hope so, I mean, this job seems pretty awesome! I get money for writing, for doing something I would, and have been, gladly doing for free! Praise God for such a timely job offer!! It’s client-based, so it won’t be too taxing in the sense that it’s not a 24/7 type of job. All I need to do is provide the copywriting required whenever a client requests for one. I’ll be meeting the Boss next Wednesday, so wish me luck guys!

Oh but it does not stop there. No, my God is SO gracious, I just received an email saying I got BOTH bursaries, the NTU bursary and the CDC/CCC bursary!!! Wow, like I was expecting it but a part of me still feared I would not. The fear that the school fee for this Sem ALONE would be 3000++ and I would dieeeee in the future, or worse, force my parents into paying this debt for me.

I think one of my greatest worries is being a burden to my parents, emotionally and financially. Especially with the knowledge that I can work part-time to ease the financial burdens now, the very idea of requiring more money from them is rather… upsetting. Of the allowance i get monthly, I am very grateful because studies rank above making money. It’s in the case of personal expenses that I do not want to impose on them. Hence, having two tutees and, hopefully, this copywriting job. Hopefully (always hoping, always filled with hope and longing) these three jobs and my allowance will help me pay off my hostel fees while allowing me to spend money on little pleasures.


Overall though, I’m just grateful for all the opportunities He’s placing in my life. It’s only the first semester of the first year in Uni, and I’ve already had more experiences than almost my entire studying life put together! (Wow, that’s quite pathetic O.o) Even in the area of influence, where the people I love sitting with in tutorial group are those who participate more actively and have an awesome top upon those shoulders! Also, how He has helped me mature enough to learn to be serious about my studies, relationships with people and with Him, to prioritise (or recognise the priorities of some things over others, at least for now) and to really get down to doing the work expected of me. 

That’s for now. I Will do above and beyond when recess week comes around, till the end of the Sem! (Let’s leave it till the end of the sem for now, things may change along the way)


Once again, thank you Abba Father! Thank you for blessing me with everything, and I really want You to know I really appreciate it, and love You so much for being so gracious towards me! 




your undeserving daughter that is perfectly and wonderfully made by you,



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