I swear I’m masochistic.

I’m sitting here with a sore throat and a cough, and can you guess what I’m doing? At 1:41am?

That’s right, I’m reading Merchant of Venice, sniggering at all the sexual remarks and comments, while poring through Food Whore. I swear, I just Love torturing myself with what I can’t have.

Having taken a 2 hour break to rest my throat (which backfired cause now it hurts worse than ever), I can’t fall asleep. There is one upside to this though. All the pictures of food on this site has inspired and motivated me to start cooking more.

Those who follow my site regularly know I stay in hall, so cooking is pretty much out of the picture, considering how I only know how to cook using the oven (It’s not baking, that only applies to pastries!) Now, things are getting hectic in terms of work commitments, study commitments, hall production commitments and even subcomm commitments. Church commitments and family commitments can’t be compromised on, so they’re not in the picture per se. While you may think, Aziel, what with all these commitments, you must be stressed out of your mind! However will you take time to relax and prevent a major breakdown session, what’s more cook?

Well dear and caring, thoughtful imaginary commentator, here’s how I plan to take a break. Firstly, to plan things out meticulously, and that involves a time-based schedule for each day per week. Secondly, to learn to be more positive (sickeningly so, taking masochistic pleasure in doing my work by deluding myself into thinking it’s so much fun I must be insane not to enjoy it). Thirdly, learn to go to God for the calmness, clarity and trust to accomplish the aforementioned steps (emphasis on the ‘learn’, since this is the third rather than the first method I have proposed).

Lastly, to use Sundays to cook and bake.

With my tutee’s O level’s approaching, the Sunday after the coming will be our last lesson. I know, I feel immensely sad to lose our precious time together as well. She has proved my impression of teaching as a rewardless career wrong.

I digress. With tuition sessions coming to an end, my Sundays will be officially free. With that freedom, I will use it to spend time with my family plus indulge in my little bit of heaven – baking/cooking. I really LOVE to bake, whether from scratch or using an instant mix. Though that by no means makes me an expert baker/chef, nor are my creations worth a million bucks, the mindlessness and comfort I get in the process and gazing satisfactorily at the final product warms my heart and soul. Time all but extinguishes in the face of baking, just like how it ceases to exist when a good book – rather, a scene in the book that speaks directly to the nature-loving geek in me – draws me in. From cupcakes to cookies to cakes and pies, the oven bestows wonders upon wonders to all humanity through the ages. That wonder for me extended into entrees with a gathering at Phoebe’s house one afternoon. She served up a delicious pumpkin dish, lightly seasoned with salt and garnished with some sort of vegetable. I know, this is beyond the valley of vague, but that one dish made me realise that I needn’t be the Next Masterchef to bake an entree (no One Beef Wellington, coming up! for me).

Thus, when I saw this post, I just knew I had to make it. Granted, I don’t exactly have enough funds to squander on cooking and baking as when I was fully dependent on my parents, but this is both affordableishk and easy to make! It’s for the whole family, so it ought to be alright. Ought to. 

I won’t be following the recipe exactly though. It’s more of an inspiration for me actually. I would prefer cooking this with pumpkin. Maybe Japanese sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes. So the taste I’m imagining now is a mix of sweet and salty, plus earthy. OMGOSH THIS SOUNDS DELICIOUS IN MY MIND ALREADY!

I shall end off here, with the excitement of researching, preparing and eventually cooking this dish one Sunday rushing though my veins.

This, my dear readers, is what a sick Aziel thinks of in the wee hours of the morning.


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