Ermahgerd Curpcerks

So I made cupcakes on Sunday. Not just any cupcake, mind you. These were Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Stuffing Centers.


Although it was rather tiring, especially after a lack of sleep from Saturday night (7 hours is little considering I slept late!) I really wanted to bake these, so I set out baking up a storm! After about an hour spent buying ingredients, plus a cupcake tray because I realised I only had muffin tins, I finally started!Image

The first thing I did was to make the chocolate stuffing. It was a simple mixture of unsweetened chocolate chips, full cream and butter. I know it doesn’t look very appetising, but hey, it’s meant to be the delicious stuffing that satisfies your taste buds, not your eyes. After putting the melted goodness into the below-seen bowl, I stuffed it into the freezer for an hour and headed off to bed for a short nap. Should have put it into the fridge, not the freezer though. It was hard on top and soft at the bottom. Lesson learnt and mistake somewhat avoided, I started on my cupcake mix!ImageThe reason why there are two mixtures are because I messed up. The recipe is for a single 12 cupcake batch so I doubled everything. However, when I started on the cupcake mix, I decided that it’ll be more time-efficient if I made the second batch while the first was baking! How very smart of me right?


The first picture is all watery because I poured in a FULL CUP OF (home-made) BUTTERMILK! I forgot that I made two batches worth of buttermilk and poured in the entire cup… Image

See how gross and watery it is? (Sorry for the blur picture, I was shaking with fury at my mistake)

Worst still was the fact that I had already filled up all 12 paper linings with this horrible cupcake mix before realising my mistake. Thankfully, I didn’t space and throw everything away. I simply did a second batch and where I was meant to pour in buttermilk alternately with the dry flour mix, I simply poured this batch in. Voila! A thick, creamy and reddish-pink mixture!Image

Seriously, why do all my photos look so bad… Maybe because they’re all stretched out.

Anyways, the first batch took a long while to bake, but they looked lovely when they came out, reddist and amazing.ImageImage

The best part was the first bite of that warm cupcake. The cupcake itself wasn’t superbly sweet, but sweet enough to offset the slightly salty, buttery goodness of the chocolate center. Warm or cool, this delectable cupcake is good to go and tantalises the taste buds. One of my more successful creations on the first try!ImageImageImage

I’m free before 1:30 and after 6pm today, so call me if you’re in school and want them. As of now I have 16 to give out and they will be given out on a first come first serve basis!

Hit me up with a comment and tell me what you wish to see baked next! They can range from baked goods (desserts) to appetisers/ entrées.



One thought on “Ermahgerd Curpcerks

  1. Christina says:

    JOWEHHHHH I DIDN’T GET THEM COS ADM IS JUST TOO FAR AWAY. You need to send some love to the people of the land of ADM (aka me and Gab)! WE LOVE MATCHA BTW -hint hint-


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