As requested by Instagram user, Benjamin Cheah, better known as @bendamme, I shall be posting the recipe for handmade gourmet burgers. Compared to the expensive, 20 bucks a pop type of gourmet burgers, these babies are cheap and easy to make. 

To provide some context, I made these Gourmet Burgers (GB henceforth) with my Shepherd about a year ago, and she had her sister’s DSLR to document this moment of domesticality. This would explain the better-than-avergae quality of pictures. Perhaps I should invest in a DSLR…

Ahem, moving on.

So for this recipe, you need:

– Small round buns.

Yes, I know how it sounds. Control yourselves. As some students have written down in their English examinations recently, ‘Calm Yo Tits’.

I can’t remember what we used, but I have a feeling it was Gardenia’s Sweet Buns

– Ground meat

Whether you would like to have a mix of pork and chicken like we did, or stick with the all-favourite beef patties, it’s completely up to you! We personally preferred the surprising tenderness a mix of pork and chicken provided.

– Potatoes

– Eggs

– Tomatoes

– Various herbs and spices that you fancy.


Now I know this list of ingredients is immensely vague. You may be screaming out for details such as how many grams of meat, how many potatoes, how many buns etc. Believe me, I am dying to provide more details. I am literally restraining myself from pulling my hair out at the lack of detail on this page. In my defense, remember how I said this was from more than a year ago? Hence, the lack of memory on these nitty-gritties. Bear with me.

Disclaimer, you should simply be working on agar-ration here.Just for the record, the thickness of the patty is up to you, but when it is raw, it ought to be small enough to fix nicely in the palm of your hand. Well, actually, if you look at the size of the sweet bun, you’ll probably be able to get a good gauge on how big and thick the patty should be. Remember, meat shrinks in size after cooking.

So here’s what you want to do.


Firstly, butter the buns. (CALM YO TITS) Leave them aside as you go about preparing the rest of the food.


They’re roughly this size.

Add the appropriate amount of spices to the ground meat, and add in an egg (or two, depending on the amount of meat you are planning to cook.) If you find it too liquidy, add in some corn flour. That stuff will hold your meat patties together. Not too much or your meat will taste really funky.



If you find yourself with too much meat, simply turn them into a couple of sweet handmade meatballs!



Surprisingly enough, they held together really well! Much better than the patties initially.

Now, the potatoes. Wondering what they’re for? If you were to look at the picture of the GB closely, there appears to be yellow strips present. These, are our rosti style potato strips. Immensely unhealthy, but oh so delicious! 

You will need to peel the potatoes, then slice them into long and thin rectangular strips. Don’t forget to wash them thoroughly!

Lastly, slice the tomatoes. You can choose to do this after everything is cooked, if you love your tomatoes freshly sliced.

So first, cook the patties. I don’t really have much advice on this, simply pan-fry them. Watch out though, the oil can really fly and if you’re deathly afraid of hot oil searing a millimeter of your skin, perhaps get someone else to cook the patties.



With any luck, or at least with someone who isn’t as afraid of the stove and hot oil like me (I’m more of a baker), they will end up like this:



Then, cook your rosti. For more information on how to cook your rosti perfectly, visit your nearest Marché and stare at that chef as he cooks your rosti. Seriously though, how does he do that! The way the rosti retains its shape and still taste so heavenly is ridiculous!!! Okay, phew, let’s continue.

Lastly, toast your buns or sear them for a while in the pan to get a lovely toasted texture. Don’t wash the pan first, as this helps to retain some of the flavour of both the rosti and the patties and allows the buns to soak up a bit of this flavour.

Simply slice your tomatoes and assemble the ingredients and VOILA! Gourmet Burger, Handmade Style!





With our additional meat, we made Meatball Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce. 



We got quite excited with the camera and decided to take a food-blog worthy shot, complete with resturant style serving size.



Also, if you find yourselves with too much potatoes, make a potato salad! Cut the potatoes into chunks and boil them till well-cooked, but not to the point of disintegration, that is the Overcooked Food equivalent of the Point of No Return. Simply drop in a dollop of mayonnaise, some salt for taste and some finely chopped spring onions, mix well and chill. It may not look like much, but it tastes heavenly.



So here is the over simplified, completely up for variations and adaptations Gourmet Burger recipe. Hope the pictures were worth the post at the very least.

This post is for the wonderful @bendamme, Benjamin Cheah. Hope this helps you and whets your appetite! If you have more questions on this, simply leave a comment here! After my exams on 4th Dec, I will be attempting this recipe again, so stay tuned! I promise to provide more details about quantities!





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