Love, love, love, filling up the room.

With the exams looming, actually exactly a week from now, I would have thought I would be breaking down in anxiety and worry. Au contraire, mon ami. I’m rather calm and feeling ridiculously serene, compared to my A level days.

The best thing about this bout of exams? The amount of love I am receiving from the people around me. From exam pack to encouraging messages, words and gestures, I have never felt so loved and touched. Of course, this is not the first time I have received exam packs or encouraging verses, but ti’s the first time I am so acutely aware and appreciative of the gesture.

In total, I would say I have 5 exam packs from Tracy, Lynn, Lixin, Chun Kiat and Christina-tuna! They are nicely packed in minimalistic plastic bags, pleasing to the eyes and they give this really lovely crisp sound as it crumples and crackles. 

Beyond that, my parents just came back from a short trip to JB and my mom is SO sweet! First, she tells me she bought me an iPhone cover, cause she knows I want & need one. Then, she informs me that she bought my Christmas present! Lastly, she asks if I’m coming home tomorrow cause she’ll cook popiah if I am. When I told her I’m not, she says she’s coming down to pass me my iPhone cover, some packs of Vico Chocolate Cereal Drink, AND that she’ll make popiah anyway and bring them specially for me! I feel so loved and so grateful for my mama’s immeasurable and sacrificial love for me! ❤

I know it’s not compulsory, nor should I feel obligated (God forbid), but I really want to do something for all who have blessed me so far! I’m just not sure what to do. A card? Exam packs? For my family, I’m planning to get them all Christmas presents (like after about 2 years – yes, 2 years, I’m a horrible sister/daughter) as well as cook our Christmas lunch/dinner. This year I will roast a chicken again and hopefully, it’ll cook properly. Also, perhaps a log cake. Mmmmm…

Well I hope all of you who are reading this and have examinations coming up will feel encouraged by the realisation that there are many people who are cheering you on as well. If not, know that I myself am cheering you on, no matter who you are or if I even know you personally. Like my favourite Bible phrase goes, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken.” – Psalm 55:22

So to all out there going through an ordeal or are feeling anxious or worried, know that I love you and God loves you. All the best to you and your endeavours sweethearts!





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