Escapade #3

We were at a club. a couple of us, maybe two to four, the numbers and faces escape me. I remember you as we were walking down the stairs. You came from behind, as in you suddenly appeared,. not… nevermind. So soft and delicate, that’s all I remember. Let’s see if I can do this… You weren’t local, I could tell, perhaps Vietnamese or PRC, but you were fair and slender, your skin was soft and you smelt like spring. You were so fair, you were nearly translucent, how clear and pearly white your skin was. Your hair was let down and it flowed so gently around your shoulders, pooling around your collarbone while framing that beautiful heart-shaped face of yours. You said Hi, as did I, and we smiled. You asked if I wanted to be your girlfriend. I said yes

You became my ‘brother’ from New Zealand, except you’re simply him now, no longer any notions of pseudo-family relations. You kissed me so many times, countless. On the cheeks, the foreheard, the top of my head. You drew me close with one arm, hugging me and making me feel loved and safe. Our friends teased us, “Look at the loving couple, so very intimate!” We didn’t care, we loved. I didn’t want any food, and there was only one other couple with us. The horrible waitress glared at me and said I had to buy some food or leave the table. How is that logical in any… nevermind. 

“How about water, can I just order a glass of water?”


You said it’s alright, I’ll eat all that you order. In the end, I passed the menu to you and you ordered 4-5 different pizzas. I ordered a 12 oz/L Blanc. It literally said 12 oz/L on the menu, I didn’t know which they were referring to. A normal pint of beer had 6 oz/L printed on its side. The sun started rising rapidly then, out of the blue the sun just started rising. We were on the patio of the restaurant and I was seated facing the restaurant doors, you to my left, the sun rising on my right. There was an ocean behind me. Funny, that restaurant is so familiar, I must have seen it in a dream somewhere, sometime.

We rushed off the patio to my left, down the short flight of steps and onto these large steps, wooden and planked, slightly sandy, must have been the beach. We laid down and stared up at the sky. It was night again, but I could feel the sun creeping in, not see it but feel it. We stared up at the sky. I stared up. I saw a beautiful night sky, it was so clear, there were no clouds. I saw stars, millions of them dotting the sky and a constellation appeared. It was a large left hand. A sudden announcement from the school (strange, was this a school event? It was) about fireworks. They said they drove boats out to sea earlier today to prepare all of these for us and they hope we enjoy it. Fireworks appeared, spectacular and beautiful, all bordering on the horizon. They killed the stars though, but no one noticed. When it ended, we got up and rushed to the beach to see the boats arriving. Or were we leaving and so happened to pass by the beach? A small boat appeared, not enough to possible hold all the fireworks we- oh a bus appears, it could float apparently. The fireworks must have been launched on the bus.

He became her again. I saw her and ran up, hooking my arm around her waist. She was with her friends. I was planning to tell her it was a stupid idea and we shouldn’t go out. I mean we barely knew each other and we were probably drunk and like, it doesn’t even make sense. Your waist was slender and felt soft under that thin fabric. Your friend glared at me, that long-haired, fair and bitchy-looking friend. You turned and looked at me, hesitant in your ‘Hello’. We need to talk, you say.

“I don’t think we should do this. This is a bad idea. I have a boyfriend back home. I can’t do this because of my baby.”

What baby? You’re rubbing your belly, circular motions like how my sister does. You’re fucking pregnant, and you asked me to be your girlfriend? 

Your friend steps in and she starts blaming me, glaring at me, shouting at me, telling me I shouldn’t break up such a beautiful thing as your relationship with your boyfriend back home. Dirty glances and dirty words. We were in a shed, I stalked off. I wanted it to end, but not this way. Not when I am jilted, dumped, used. I wanted it to be mutual, full of laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. It was meant to be a fun breaking up. How ironic that sentence.

A room, we were invited there. There were seats but they were taken up by bags. Some of the girls sat in front of the bags, sitting tightly on the edge of their seats. I took a bag, and tossed it unto the chair on my left. The lady-boss (I assumed from her massive body and sagging face, proud protruding lower lip and old-lady glasses with that annoying gold chain hanging around her neck) glared at me, adjusted the bag on top of the other bags and looked straight. Like I didn’t exist. Some old ladies came in and sat on the laps of those girls. I scoffed, proud of my boldness and actions. Dogs came in. Or rats. Rats they were. Cute dog-like rats placed on shoulders, getting uglier and uglier with horrible tails. They were introduced one by one and when they put mine on my left shoulder, its tail was bent inwards/downwards so its tip rested on my shoulder blade, making its tail appear to be in a loop. It was horrendously ugly and I didn’t dare move. Lady-boss glared at me, daring me to move, so I shifted. That stupid rat freaked out and jumped. It ran and I couldn’t find it. They wanted to kill me, kill us. We ran. I searched high and low, releasing one more of the same type to see if they would go to the same place. I lost that one. 

In the toilet, I saw one run into the back of the toilet. The part where the flushing mechanism lies. There was a hole it ran into that was clogged up by sponges. I dug and pulled and yanked and ripped until all the sponge was out and I was staring into a deep hole. Water was spilling out rapidly and I couldn’t see into it where the rats were. Thrust my hand inwards but couoldn’t find anything, all I felt was cold gushing water.

A school. We were being chased. Three of us. At night. We rushed into a toilet. We were… changing? I was carrying clothes I just changed out off and inside was hidden a pumpkin of sorts, it was elongated. The guards came in at that time but we were safely hiding the pumpkin. Then, at your room, my sister, I was a guy or observing the guy. Tried to… I can’t remember what was happening… a woman of authority was coming towards us. Something about a nurse’s office. Skateboarding even at the ground floor in front of a curving flight of stars.The type that mansions have, where two flights of steps connected into a big one.


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