Escapade #4

Pretty sure there was a serial killer of sorts on the loose. Lixin and I are policewomen or one of those really cool secret agents working for the CSI or FBI. A big old guy was attached to us for this case, and he honestly looked like Mr Bean. Yea, I know, surreal. Anyways, we were at the local zoo, and it must have been cleared out for us because it’s completely empty. Not a single sound was heard as we searched the premise. Arms stretched out, gun in both hands, we 

(There was a chair, circular bench around the pillar. He was there. It was an arcade, dimly lit with orange light. Was he… breaking up with me? It was so… hurtful, I can’t believe he did that…)

slowly walked, Lixin and I side by side, Mr Bean guy was behind us, following uneasily and nervously. Rookie. The camera is in the washroom, watching us as we appear from the right side of the screen, coming into full view at the entrance to the washroom. It was a huge entrance, an overhanging arc embedded with mosaic tiles, green and blue, sea-green and blue. The two of us decide to check out the cubicles, and with frustration in my voice I turn to Mr Bean Guy and give him instructions in case something happens to him. 

“Now if someone is attacking you, knock on the door like so…”

I was already in the cubicle then, and Lixin and I had just so happenly decided to take a quick shower. Rinse off the grime and dirt of a hard day at work. So I proceed to tap out on the cubicle door a pattern – morse code for ‘Help me, a guy is choking me’ when I pop my head out to say, “Actually, just shout, it’ll be faster…”

That sentence never got out. Mr Bean Dude was currently being one-arm choked by the serial killer. We rushed out of our cubicles and attacked the guy with our ninja-style karate chops, afraid to use our guns for fear of injuring Mr Bean Man. Somehow, we managed to separate him from the serial killer and killed the killer, with a gunshot or a really big punch to the stomach. He died on the spot, lying there on the cold cemented ground.

Next Scene. 

There’s the local zookeeper with us. Someone passed me a piece of paper. It had the number of the police station on it, as well as a name. I called, asking for this person, then when he came to the phone, proceeded to tell him,

“There’s a dead body. We killed someone…”
There was a dead body. We killed the body and needed him to collect it. 

The zookeeper is the one on the phone, Mr Bean is now Santa Claus and telling him what to say. Apparently, it’s too indiscriminating to say what we just said, so he tells the zookeeper to say that they found a dead body and they will transport it to beside the river. They’re allowed to put the body there because of some logic about serial killers and unnamed murderers. The zookeeper flits endlessly between Andrew on the phone and himself.

He goes under the intense spotlight of the media. The keep increasing in numbers as the days go by, as he explains why there was a dead body in the zoo, how he knew of it, how he is clueless about the murderer. Last shot is him walking with a mass of reporters, cameras, microphones swarming him, his last words saying the man died naturally of “perfect asphyxiation… blow to the heart… clean” and he gets into a cab, the reporters trying to get in with him as well.

He’s with Santa Claus and he’s angry at Santa. Dakota Fanning is young again and there. Santa Claus is about to die.

Santa Claus gave him a little note that said “When I die, I want God to give you my third toy.” It brought tears to his eyes. I guess it was significant because… you have limited gifts and Gift 1 & 2 were along the lines of miracles.

Dakota Fanning is sitting on the edge of her bed, sitting on the frame, staring at this big corkboard covered in little notes and big notes, all presumably from Bean-Claus guy. It includes that note to Zookeeper-PoliceOfficer-Andrew, which is right in the centre. She gets angry, tearing it all down as she bawls, hot tears streaming down her face. She’s wearing a nice, white party dress with blue satin ribbons.

Last Scene.

She’s walking out of her room, all we have is a back view. She’s in a different dress, her hair is in two short and high pigtails. It’s a cupboard on the left, then her door, then a protruding wall on the right. As she walks out, we see the corkboard on the face of the protruding wall, and everything is put up nicely again, though arranged differently.

I killed someone. There was a lot of emotionally pain and loss, hurt and regret and disappointment.


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