So Exams have just started, officially on the 24th. First was Survey, followed by Intro and Astro on the 26th. Now, considering that Survey was the first examination I’ve taken in Uni, I guess I kind of expected to muck it up a bit. 

I mucked it up big time.

Thankfully Intro went really well, though astro was a flop.

However, this post of thanksgiving is not just for how God has blessed me in my Intro exam. I JUST, like literally JUST saw an email from my TA for survey, and she told me I got an upgrade for my research essay that counts for 40% of my grades. Instead of an A-, they’ve increased it to an A! Which is a REALLY big jump, one whole honours level up!!!

Really wanna thank Him for giving me such good news on the first day of my intense study mode for American Lit, probably the hardest Lit core mod this sem. 

Thank you God for your mercy and blessings!!! ❤


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