Celebrating Love – Operation Joy

I just watched Ryan Higa’s latest video, The Christmas Ninja. For those who have yet to watch it and are interested, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtHPGP5tKWo

So this video got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great to do something like this here in Singapore? To buy random gifts and flowers for people, with the sole intention so putting a smile on their faces? According to a recent Bloomberg News report on a Gallup survey, Singapore has been ranked the most emotionless society in the world. This requires a moment of reflection for all of us, Singaporeans or not.

What does it mean to be coined ’emotionless’? 

Personally, I think this is perhaps one of the worst things to be labelled, for this means you’re barely living.

Let’s say someone calls you a stuck-up bitch, or that you’re a bitter old hag. Would that be better or worse than being called emotionless?

You see, with those two phrases, it may seem worse, but in actuality it’s much, much better, for it proves that you can feel. You are living and experiencing, hurting and being hurt. You feel anger at their words, hurt, disappointed, guilty even. They feel anger and frustration and there’s just this pent-up tsunami of emotions that have burst forth from that mask of false calm society presents as perfection.

We are Emotionless. 

When was the last time you laughed, I mean Really laughed, so hard that you could hardly breathe, and all you felt was a bubbling mirth trickling up your throat from the deepest recesses of your belly?

What about the last time you cried? It doesn’t have to be the death of a loved one of a harsh breakup that cause the tears; the situations doesn’t really matter. When did you last cry and feel not just your heat but your entire being crack, fall apart, shatter, tear in two, crushed, your whole being imploding, and all you can do is curl up into the tightest of balls just so you can keep yourself sane, keep your life from spiraling out of reach.

Happiness, sadness, guilt, jealously, hurt, bitterness, excited, in awe; all of these, in the most raw, basic form. Where the only recognition of these emotions and feelings are the fact that you are experiencing it in your body. 

When was the last time?

This coming year, I want to bring a smile, an unsuspected surprise, pleasure, and above all, joy to someone. At least one.

As such, I wish to embark on what I call Operation Joy. I want to go around Singapore and give random gifts or notes to people, all with the intention of putting a smile on their faces. Kinda like what Ryan Higa did. I will personally take a hundred bucks out of my own savings to do this. The date is still under consideration. 

This post is to ask for people to join me, to help me give these gifts out, to help me out on Operation Joy. I do not ask for your money, but I ask for your company as I set out on this. So drop me a comment or if you know me personally, contact me.

Let’s bring a smile with Operation Joy.





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