Dreams: A Ponder


I chanced upon this picture on tumblr, and it hits me. I can’t explain it, but I couldn’t stop looking. Long after I scrolled past, or rather swiped past this picture, the words just kept ringing in my head.

What happens to the dream?

Imagine this separate reality, where all our dreams exist after their passing. I mean every single dream, good, bad, random, everything. Dreams that have significance to Who we are and What we are, not a collection of little bits of information the brain receives throughout the day, then tries to discard as we rest at night. 

Say we take the Dream to be a reflection of our subconscious trying to tell us something about ourselves, just as Freud and Jung have theorised. (Dreams that invoke emotions in us can’t possibly be random information pieced together based purely on probability.) Take all those dreams, each individual dream that you’ve experienced throughout your life and can remember. Now imagine them existing somewhere in an alternate universe, independent of you.

Can you imagine that? That dream you wished you never woke from, it never stopped. It has and is continuing to this very second, playing out that fantasy of yours for all of eternity. Or perhaps it’s stuck in a loop, replaying from the beginning each time it reaches the moment you woke up. Time has no power, no hold over them.

Or how about that dream that jolted you awake at 3:48am, trembling as cold sweat and tears fell. The Dark Man of your dreams still approaching, forever approaching. Out of the corner of your eye (in this reality, mind you), that flitting shadow. Can you be certain that it was simply a shadow, or remnants of that Man momentarily intruding on your reality?

Just think about it, consider it, delve deep into it, revel in the possibilities.

What if our dreams continued beyond us?


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