This is How.

This is how you’re going to move on with life.

You’re going to actually fulfill your commitments. You’re going to get off your sorry ass and actually do your work. Whether it be assignments, essays, your job, you’re going to just push aside that desire to procrastinate and accomplish that task.

You’re going to consciously take a Pause in life before you make any decision. That includes sending a text to him, just so he knows you’re thinking of him. That’s not a good idea, because things didn’t work out and doing so will just make you seem like that overly attached creep. Take a moment, take a pause. Put down that phone and put down that bottle of beer. You don’t need it, you don’t need this.

You’re gonna indulge in all that makes you happy. If that includes lying on the cold hard ground in the nude, be my guest. If that means cleaning every nook and cranny of your tiny like room, go ahead. As long as it’s something that always brought a smile to your face, preferably something that has been making you smile since before him, before them, then by all means, do it. The aim is to smile truthfully.

You’re going to need to write about it, because talking about it isn’t as cathartic as you thought it would be. Writing about it makes it official to yourself, because it’s in black and white. Telling your friends and loved ones that you’re gonna pick yourself up, move on and have a fresh start isn’t gonna help, because a part of you is going to say, “Fuck it, they can’t control me.” You know it’s true, you can’t deny this rebellious side that has been screwing your life over.

Lastly, you’re going to accept that they are experiences that happened. And even if you can’t accept that they needed to happen, accept that one day, you’re going to be alright.


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