I’m sorry, but Why?

I’m sorry.
I looked at a post you made
and broke down.

I’m sorry.
For being a hopeless romantic
and looking for my One True Love.

I’m sorry.
I expected too much,
poured too much into you and I,
gave too much.

I’m sorry.
For sounding bitter
when all I am is hurt.

I’m sorry.
I might have led all of you on,
and that resulted in something even you might regret.

I’m sorry,
But why, I do not know.

I’m sorry for being so
and susceptible to pain.

But why should I be sorry?

I’m a woman.
I am Me.
This is who I am.
I don’t have to be sorry for that.

I’m sorry
that you can’t accept all of me.
Cause you’re missing out.

And for that
I’m Not sorry.


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