I see too clearly, past the fog of sweet-nothings and sugar-coated lies. No more wavering heart, no more swooning, no more goofy grins. Tear apart those honeyed words, uncover the bullshit and hormones behind each uttered line. I see past your intense stare into my eyes, I uncover the lust muted behind the act of care and concern. Years of love stories and romance films taught Women to wait for the Man who will do anything for you. They taught Men that the way into her pants is to Say they’ll do anything for her.

Heart aching, empty eyes and clouded minds. Letting go of one’s dignity, tossing oneself into their hands, hoping stupidly that your body will grant you access to their hearts and the key to their love. Give and give, never receive a single ounce of response nor respect, get tossed aside with standard phrases of not being “ready”, fear of “commitment” and “wrong timing”. 

Curl up, hold the wrenching pull within the ball of wounded flesh, scrunch those dry eyes and force tears out, cut and pinch and hurl and moan, anything to release the pain of foolish mistakes and naivety from this disposable body.


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