Every lull in active thoughts, every moment of weakened guards, it drifts to memories and surges and pain. So much pain and loss. You face appears, flashing before my eyes, casting themselves upon my computer screen, against the ceiling, upon the glaring windows highlighted with sun rays. Empty, gaping holes behind my eyes, located throughout my chest. Lingering in the areas where pleasure made itself known upon your kisses and embrace. Detoxify with Your word, detoxify with breaking this body of mine. Tone it, push it, train it, wipe away all trashes of fat and heavy memories. Wipe it clean of your fingerprints, shed off this outer layer of forgotten skin and uncover the attractiveness that overshadows your pathetic soul patch and disgustingly beautiful lips. Detox and rid myself of your presence, of your mark, of your filthy scars all over. 


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