It’s here!

Christmas is here!

Okay fine, I have no such luck. It’s Recess Week! I have been waiting for this week to arrive since a month back, when my soul was slowly being sucvked out of me with every passing day. Finally, the week is here and I’m going to have to rebuild half of my soul back in 7 days. Think it’s possible?

With Recess Week comes 5-7 days of working on school assignments (3 essays, about 5 discussion forum topics) and studying (the horrors). From tomorrow till Friday, I’ll be lounging about at Coffeebean studying up a storm and racking up a hell of a credit debt with Chai Tea Lattes. Damn, that sounds deliciously irresponsible. Me likey.

What else will I be doing… Ah yes, loads of baking! From Rose Apple Pie to Chocolate Beer Batter Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Frosting (yea I’m looking at you, 2 Broke Girls fans), I’m going to go crazy with the baking. And again, the credit debt.

Here’s to personal satisfaction and happiness, one day at a time. HEAL AND REGENERATE, SOUL! 😉


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