Quick break

As usual, I’ve chosen to prioritise an update of my life so far rather than study.

Good life choices there, Aziel.

Anyways, looking at the numerous pictures and posts by friends on their exchanges, or hearing people plan theirs around me tugs a bit at my envy box, but it’s fine. Cause when I graduate, I’m going for the Work & Travel USA program! That is, if I can get in. With an interview to pass, I’m hoping they’ll select me when I walk through those doors two years from now.

Having discussed it with my mom, I’m hoping to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It pays alright, work is for 3 months, it’s 1.5 hours away San Francisco and it seems pretty fun.

After that, hopefully I’ll get to travel for about 1-2 months, depending on the amount of money I have, possible accomodations and a part-time job to sustain me. I’m considering looking for a more permanent job there as well, or at least a free-lance writing one so I can travel and still earn some cash.

It depends, but I’ve got my hopes up.

This change of plans reminds me that nothing is set in stone, and that it results in better oppurtunities sometimes, if I just dare to take the risk.



Joey Aziel


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