Things I dream about after a night of drinking.

There was a thick smear of cookie butter on the side of the plate. Ohhhh God it’s so good. -drags cookie along the cookie butter- SO GOOD. She stands there nodding in obsessive agreement.

My mom sits at the foot of my bed. We’re talking about… Making good choices in men? Probably something related to the breakup. She starts confessing, that Secret they wouldn’t tell me till I’m old enough. There was a Japanese guy before dad and he was Very convincing. He made a lot of promises and she just needed to escape, so she gave herself away.

We were going overseas together, 10 of us, the MXA group. I packed and headed to the airport, only realising halfway that I hadn’t packed essentials like shower gel and detergent etc. Weird break and I’m at a really fancy house with Mr and Mrs Rosemary and she’s sweet and he’s charming and there’s flirting. He appears when we’re shopping and disappointment hits when she appears too.I argued over the amount of detergent needed in that little shop and finally found a Swedish brand that had two segments, one for normal clothing and one for stained clothing, for that special time of the month. Had to get Chris to ask David for me, and we were chill.

I also dreamt the night before that A and I were chill. I wonder what to make of all these


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