Global Shakespeare Festival 2014 – Be

“To be, or not to be”
Followed by “Ay, that’s the point”.
But now it no longer can be
“To be,
Or not to be”

Jordan, you said
And Ruben said
And really it was Michael too,
To experience the mosque as it is,
As an actor,
Different eyes different skin different mind.

So I thought about it:
To be
And be as this or that
Be like him her that
Just be

Never have I ever heard
So I

And never did I expect,
Suspect, rather
The lost of self while submerging in the self.

Such empathy flooded
Widened my eyes
To truth and doubt
People humanity
Love feeling
Such intensity of empathy

I couldn’t speak,
I feared,
I submerged and maybe
Lived but definitely


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