Of love, rain and expanding thoughts

It’s dark out, the world is dark and
falling deeper within itself –
– withdrawn and quiet.

Listening to a playlist
my friend made for her heart
finally clean finally healing,
listening to the pitter patter
of rain and jingles
of chimes and then –

I hear my heart creaking with the
hairline cracks brushing against each other.
Love piling up and expanding out,
this tiny heart can’t control the
exploding wrath of emotions
that threaten to take over and take leave
of my sense.

It’s been so long since the world was
and I so bright
so bright it
blinds –
and the beauty of my pain
from loving so hard but not too hard
is rewarding –
but I still see, clearer than before.

Beyond the darkness of the world
and of hardened experiences
and thickened skins
and crackling lips
and porcelain hips and fingers
and hips and
chained up, boxed up hearts.

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