April – Spending free month

I figured writing a post on April 1st would probably not be taken seriously. So here, on the 2nd day of April, I begin my journey.

The upside to this journey is That my phone bills, housing, and even transportation is all paid for by my parents. Lunch and dinner is covered as well.

All I need to do is not spend a single cent. This is way harder that I expected. Day 1 abd already I suffered. Not being able to buy a snack, even a bottle of water is Harsh. Forced to drink from the tap in school, this first day taught me be more prepared before leaving the house. Hence, my 1L bottle of water, to be lugged about.

At least with no money spent, junk food and snacks can’t be consumed throughout the day. This does make clean eating near impossible though. The family eat a typically Chinese food. Everything is stir fried. The occasional clean food, aka steamed fish, is still doused in soy sauce.

I’ve even resorted to begging for chocolate and eating pizza at a movie screening. I’ve already planned to go to the screening, but my situation created this… Pathetic sense of desperation. This concept that I was poor and needy and a mean mean person. Not evil mean but poor mean.


Day 2. In class, brought my own small container of cheery tomatoes for a snack besides my 1L bottle. The temptation to buy coffee, as I typically do, is exhausting. I am, however, able to reflect on the desire and acknowledge the conditioning I’ve subjected myself to.

Why am I drinking something clearly sugar laden, where the energy comes not from the caffeine but the sugar high? Why even am I depending on caffeine when this exhaustion can be rode out with water, time, maybe lemon-infused water and some rest?

So that was day 1 and 2.

Maybe day 3 will be better. Stay tune.

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