Escapade 1st and 2nd April

I dreamt we fought, me against her and him. In an apartment, parents not around. We fought, I wanted to escape, we fought. He came closer and I wanted to scream, my heart raced and I was scared, I didn’t want him to touch me like he had before in past dreams. I wanted to escape. So I screamed and shouted and cried hard, tears streaming and welling thick viscous painful tears pouring out my eyes and I escape. But not before he tore my Eragon to pieces and they broke my key in half and my heart was torn by their cruelty. My heart was broken by their betrayal by the hurt.

My friends and I in a bird enclosure. Beautiful delicate birds of shades, such gorgeous shades, trusted me and fluttered down, pitching on this outstretched finger. Thus creature appeared, on the ground crawling an insect it was larger than my hand and it crawl towards me. I was frightened but my friends scoffed, they rebuked my fear and rejected my fear. I got bit. I killed it. I ran and another came, a different one but it came. Bidding behind a fenced door I tried to slam the door against it and succeeded in trapping it under the door, repeatedly flattening and crushing it. It can’t get to me now. But I’m bad for behaving so cruelly. “They’re just animals. How could you kill them.”

Walk away. Tears, anger, hard to come but constricted throat. Stairwell, nurse. “Your friends told me you were bitten. We have to bring you to the hospital now. Is you leg numb?”

It was.

2nd day in the hospital. Shins oozing blue pus, the bite hollowed out now. My leg is sinking inwards, infection and carved out. Blue pus or long mini tubes like the whites of blackheads forced out.

I’m scared.


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