April – Spending Free Month Day 3

It’s Good Friday, a public holiday and thus, I’m home.

That means free food. That also means over eating. Damn.

It’s hard now cause I’m thinking about the Melbourne trip with increasing excitement as everyday goes by. I even put it down in a countdown timer, and now I know there’s 128 days left. Exciting.

You’d think this would encourage me to not want to spend, for desire to save up and spend there on museum tours, food, cafe hopping, maybe some cute trinkets and even basic transportation.

NOPE. I’ve been looking for cheap carry-on travel luggage for purchase, just in case. Ridiculous. It’s better to bring a backpack, and one tote, rather than a obvious suitcase and attract attention. (Paranoia is one of my key personality traits) It’s much more convenient too. Maybe I’ll bring that backpack that also functions as a suitcase. Or just the mini suitcase I have at home, if it even fits the dimensions.

The desire to look for a coat in the Salvation Army calls to me too.

So this is day 3, and day 3 only. 27 more days to go.

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