April – Spending Free Month Day 4

I almost caved today. Searched Qoo10, Groupon, Lazada for winter coats at affordable prices and almost just went for it! I even pondered the possibility of buying a lightweight suitcase at the same time!

This impulse to spend is out of control. With typically three jobs at a time, the past was a spendthrift’s dream. I was able to eat at nice cafes regularly, occasionally eat at restaurants, and even treat my friends! Not to mention buy gifts for birthdays without worry.

Now I’m PLAGUED with fear each time I leave the house. What if I’m late and need to cab? What if I’m starving? How will I live if I don’t spend? These are just fears based off my previous lifestyles though. I’ve found that I’m more cautious before stepping out the gate, leaving an hour earlier to reach school in time, making sure I have a water bottle filled high with water, eating lunch before leaving or at least bringing a snack!

However, these do not take into consideration my constant skipping of every morning class. With only 3 weeks left, perhaps its time to attend the last few classes, at least so I know what to expect in the exams, when the final essays are due, and to try and wake earlier.

On the whole, it’s been a rather good day. Watched shows, watching a great movie, have a couple of tabs out with appropriate articles on the topic I wish to write my essay on, and above all, resisted the temptation to spend.

Day 4, a success.

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