April – Spending Free Month Day 6 and 7

So I spent.

Well technically, on day 6, the money I spent was money that was lent to a friend. But I topped up with 30 cents. So unhealthy, a large soy early grey milk tea and a SALTED CARAMEL BROWNIE that was perfectly fudgey, soft, moist, melting on my tongue with the mild, salty caramel seeping into the back of my throat while teasing the tip of my tongue.

Day 7:

Didn’t sell a single thing, so the 30 bucks fee for the booth from day 6-7 has gone down the drain. Spent 11 bucks on a dress and top which are pretty and lovely. Then spent… about 5 bucks on a meal at Macs. Or 6.

My willingness to spend the past three days is honestly because I have two jobs now, so I know income is flowing in. It’s not excuse for such unnecessary, mindless spending though. I don’t need to eat junk, I don’t need to buy new clothes. Yet, I do and did. Upside, when this week is over, I can truly spend it focusing on my studies and thus, spending money will take third place in my life. Second being eating.

It’s been a while since I exercised too. Next week, please. All nonsense, get out of Aziel’s way please! She needs to lose weight, be fit, and be healthier, eating and exercising wise.

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