Strange love

It’s very strange
Cause you are logic and emotionless and focused and mathematical. This may end, we can’t be certain when or why. But, BUT I love you and care about you and that’s all that matters. You need space and time by yourself to focus on your own life, not to end things but just to get comfortable with us having this.
I want lots of love and sweet nothings and passion and naive hopeless dreams of the future. I love you and care about you that’s why I never want to think about the possibility of this ending. My space and time involves you, and actually, it’s not such a good thing.
You don’t want me to worry incessantly that you wish to end things.
I worry that your quiet means you don’t know how to end things.
You wish I were chill and logical.
I wish you were more emotional.
But you can’t, and you’re trying and everything has been about you trying to make me happy and to love me
I’m trying to love you the way you want to be loved too.

We’re both trying so hard but my emotions complicate it cause I wish for more. I wish for lots of attention and presence and you can’t give me that cause there isn’t the time and you have an important year now or the future will crumble. I wish you would balance time to fit me in better but what I don’t understand is that you already give me All the time you have.
I’m starting to understand. Slowly. I need to stop thinking that everything means that you wish to break up.
And that everything shouldn’t be about I.

I can’t do too much logic when there’s love to be felt and given. We’ll work on that.


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