And so…

And so it begins,
my journey to moving on.

And so it begins,
dark clouds releasing the weight of months and memories,
sleep retaliating
and waves of wishing, washing over decisions made with intentions to escape.

And so,
one day at a time,
present moment; today; the here and now
and so

Guilt but hurt
lashing and stretching, pulling
out beyond the paranoia and need for

and so and
we becomes a me
again but now
though 3 years is too long
better than eternity

and so it goes on
a day or 365
Blossom, Expand, Mature
but better always better, have to be better

Future of course, and so
talk to professionals
be un-addicted
no blaming no victimising
only human but that doesn’t negate hurts caused

And so,
Life goes on, clearly.
To me to you though no longer an us
but the days where there was a We and there were no tears
are cherished.

Wipe the stains away
try to push back the guilt and hurts
grow up go on,
neither of us were the only ones to blame
and guilty/guiltless states
are okay.

And so,
I’ll be okay.

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