When in Bangkok

I loved looking at him.

the way he plays
showed the adventurous streak
his fiddling, creativity rather than boredom.
Balancing, spinning, tossing
little tricks here and there
“Since I was a little boy”

Sun-kissed skin
Work to live
Bright eyes and wide grins
“That’s old. That’s young.”

“Because I don’t know when I’ll be home again”
travelling around Thailand then Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam
Working in scaffolding.

Rough, prickly cheeks
My favourite type of sensation
And the smell of the sea from his Australian skin.
And his voice and accent and chill view on life.

“No idea on an end date at this point”

I would teach if it meant I could travel around on a measly pay
With minimal spending on food and clothes,
Drinking with you and the rest on sunny days.

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