Shit happened in Bangkok.
Nearly lost a friendship.
Was played for two days only to be dropped, and have him confess to my friend he was just playing with me.
The married guy who took advantage of my drunk body.
Just shitty.

But I also got to know my travel buddy better as a person.
I understood the extent of my impulse issues with clarity.
I met really interesting people
Got to know what I find an enjoyable holiday

And the best was probably during one of the scariest moments in the whole trip
A bunch of us, 10 if I recall right, took the floating market tour. On the way back, our driver was drunk and less than 10 minutes on the road and he was swerving onto the curb. Thank God for our Swedish friend who shouted for the driver to stop and let us out.
Unfortunately for us, no one with a license was sober enough to drive. That’s what happens when you go to a subpar floating market and beer is hella cheap in Thailand.
One of us started to get physical while trying to argue with the driver to step out and call their company, so he got out and ran to the back of the car. Someone shouted, “He’s going to get a gun!”
I was seated at the back. The driver tossed opened the back door of the van and started rummaging. Thank God for the guys who ran out to stop him. I don’t know if there really was a gun but all I felt was fear, uncertainty and shock. There’s no time for reflections or regrets when you think you’re about to die. All you think about is “Am I going to die?”

He shouted at us all to get out of the van and so the boys worked on how to get our way home. The driver still there drunk and pissed off. The shock faded off eventually and translated into panic as I realised I could have died. Cue panic attack. Some of my boys came over and asked how I was, hands on shoulder, staring into my face.

Sorry, I’m panicking.

No love do whatever it takes, whatever you need. Do you need some water? It’s alright now, just breathe. Smiles

The sweetest darlings, the only ones I’ve ever met who understood my panic attack, gave me enough space but also the right amount of attention. They didn’t patronise or fumble over me, they didn’t get uncomfortable and try to leave me alone. They had to deal with our ride back but they wanted me to be alright.

I love them. I miss them. I wish I had all their contacts. At least I still have Mark’s. I wish I had Ricky or Boston guy or Ben on Facebook or an address or smth though.

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