Complex minds

Our brain is deep and complex with the Id, Ego and Superego
Childhood traumas
Awkward pubescent periods
mind soul religious debates

It isn’t always that complex though.

Jungian theories aren’t mean to be analysed every single day.
Psychoanalysing your behaviour every 5 mins is preposterous.
Digging into your past with a cotton bud of “awareness” is bull.

being angry because your mom said something
made you upset
cause you expect her to say something else/
didn’t expect her to say that at this moment/
simply because it was not too nice.

Don’t bother going back 20 years for the moment
Daddy wasn’t around
and Mommy was holding your sister
While you sat alone playing with Barbie.

Right now you are upset
cause you are upset.
Respond when you’re clear-headed.
Reacting is not what you want to say/do.
Your emotions are real right now.

But you can choose to take
A Step Back
And Respond in the manner you wish to.

Being Yourself means being who you want to be,
the best you
the you not swayed by reactionary emotions.
It’s real and a part of you,
but it ain’t necessarily You.

I hope you understand.

It isn’t too complex.


Just breathe.

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