Back in 2014, when I was in Abu Dhabi for a Global Shakespeare Festival event hosted by NYUAD, one of the classes that struck me deeply was the one on storytelling. Our TA was telling us about Shakespeare and writing, and his own travelling experiences. Now I can’t fully recall where he was or who he talked to, but I remember very vividly a picture of the man.

He was old, skin folded with years of experiences etched across his face. And his eyes were light, piercing brown, staring deeply into my heart through his projected image, transcending time and medium. So the TA went on in detail about his trip and finally came to the topic of his conversation with this man. The man was telling him about the history of storytellers with his tribe, his ancestors. The importance of their roles as they passed on stories weaved from real life encounters and lessons learnt. That the soul of a storyteller lives on and is almost lying right beneath the surface; a storyteller never escapes their true calling. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about that moment since then. I’m at a stage of my life where I’m looking for a job right now, more specifically a career. It might be where I come from in terms of country and family upbringing but I’m taking the job hunt too seriously. This first job is to make my entire career. I’ve been stuck the past couple of months by fixating on finding a job that is stable financially and career-progression wise. But after lamenting a lack of response from a job I hyped myself up over (since I rejected a job I truly wanted for it), I’ve thrown in the towel: No more jobs that my parents want me to have; no more succumbing to brain-numbing careers. I want me something I care about.

Money is still an issue cause I believe in the whole Work to Live motto, but at the same time I want to try my hand at job opportunities outside of my comfort zone. I’m craving new experiences, I want to learn and grow and push myself. With that comes the need to be slightly picky because I don’t want to settle for a job that gives me nothing right? I know my worth as an employee, so I’m gonna seek our employers and job options that recognise my hard working, experience seeking, eager-eyed self, dammit!

Okay so it’s only been 2 real days since I restarted the job hunt, but I think I’m going about it in a better way. Not limiting myself to those I think I can do but also pushing the applications to those which I want to be able to do. Additionally, I know what I want out of it. A job that allows me to meet people or share a vision is important. Meet people in the sense of creating a connection, talking and sharing. That seems more like personal life perhaps, but I would like to be able to meet people from all walks of life, hold fascinating conversations with, basically engage in storytelling. A little tough when there’s the need for corporate professionalism and my job is most probably to sell the brand/services, but if I could find a way to engage in storytelling and listening while earning a living through it? Damn.

If you guys have any suggestions of such a job, I’ll love to hear it.

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