Rape victim, Rape survivor.

How passive, how past tensed. But it remains constant in your life.

It remains when you’re walking home late at night, keys between your fingers, poised to pierce.

It remains with every sip of alcohol, never to leave your hand, maximum two glasses, never again the hard stuff only the sweet easy ones. Only female friends around you making sure you’re safe.

It remains when you masterbate and feel guilty for feeling pleasure, cause you have glimpses of memory where you were drunk and enjoying what he was doing to your body.

It remains when you start to fall in love and want to be intimate, wondering if they might in turn rape you too. 

It remains as your past, present and future because once it has happened, you can never gain back that ease and trust, the lightness that some may treat the word like a punchline.

It remains as nightmares and self-loathing for your love and trust and belief in the fundamental goodness of humans.

It remains, now 7 months in. And it will remain in my wariness and my fear and hesitation and doubts and anxiety and tears and emptiness and blood tests and std tests and money and uncertainty about travelling and being alone and looking under the bed in the daytime and watching the curtains fearing who might be behind and turning my back to the door but also trying to stay still and tucked in on all sides with the blanket to prevent any access.

It remains in my fear and disgust and contempt and hatred and sadness in my libido. Betrayed when it ought to dry up and clamp shut, right? The other woman I was made without permission. Othered for what was done to me.

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5 thoughts on “Raped.

  1. Wow this is really powerful


  2. kynasss says:

    I really like how you write this, I know how it feels and all, but I’ve never been really able to write a story I liked about it. It’s really nice how you write it. I’ve tried to write about it, but I never dared to post it. I think it’s really brave, and it’s a nice, speaking story.


    • Joey Aziel says:

      Thank you love, it took me a long time to be able to write about it because it only really hit me long after the incident happened, and slowly grew more and more painful as I acknowledged it. That was why I started writing about it actually, to ease the pain. If it could help you ease the pain, I’d recommend writing too. But the most important thing is that you talk to someone trustworthy like a therapist or counsellor to deal with it properly, rather than let it eat away at you, because you are strong and wonderful, and such a cruel mistreatment of your body, mind and soul will not own you!

      I love you a lot, and I’m really glad you liked what I wrote. I hope you find the release you need in your personal choice of medium.

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