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Shifting plates

Swaying with the autumn wind,
Swept about with every gust
Never landing, never settling

So far from her branch
Broken off and now
Drifting along with the torrential tides high

Wave upon wave of uncertainty
Ripples of opinions
So far from the pebbly beach

Withdrawing after each crash
Each crush
Falling past the edge of cliffs

Down the rabbit hole
Through the clouds
Two feet always on shifting plates.

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In-between love and _____

En Pointe
Through eggshells,
Glass fragments
Shattered mirror shards.

Quietly pushing
Needle-point in cracks
Faint hairlines engorged

Crackles, thunderous
Silent treatments
Deafening distance
Tormenting anxiety

Haunted mansions in the air,
Pull and push in limbo,
They lived uncommunicative ever after.

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Of sweet infatuation.

My darling, my sweet.

There is no one quite like you, with your glistening pink lips, those sparkly brown eyes, your firm warm hands keeping mine safe.

Oh my love, my dearest.

You drive me wild; I can’t help being impulsive around you. A single flicker of a memory and I am yours, in spirit, heart, mind, soul.

You’re a groan towards heaven, a flush of the cheeks, you’re the sweet, drunken swig of wine, that first wisp of petrichor before the storm.

My dearest, my lover, my one and only.

Oh please melt in my arms so we can be closer. Time, distance, age and experiences separate us but with love, yes love, we are two peas, my honey. Kindred spirits oh my Humbert Humbert. 

Take me in, watch over me, lift me, twirl me, caress and pet me, for I am your pet and you my everything. 

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