Poetry of Song

So this was what I wrote for the competition. I didn’t get shortlisted, but it’s alright. Sure, there’s a slight sting of rejection and that sucked, but I’m proud of myself for taking the first step and submitting a personal work into a competition. Here’s to participating in more competitions! And visiting Timbre soon for some Duck Pizza and Buffalo Wings. Plus several glasses of wine, Grasshoppers and Jäger Bombs.




To the Man of my Dreams


Throw me a curveball of honey-coated words,
pull me into a transient embrace.
Create in me a phantom love,
that fade with the morning rays.

Smile without moving your lips,
stare deep into my bare soul.
Conjure up false butterflies
and the tingling of my toes.

A glimpse of the man of my dreams
snatched away by icy-cold reality
as I drift out of sleep
and await nightfall’s beckoning.


Xo, Aziel.


One thought on “Poetry of Song

  1. anshuvader says:

    I loved this. You write beautifully. keep it up. 🙂


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